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Get Simple Procedure For AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall

Sometimes, the systems don't get updated by themselves which may create problems in the working of the AOL. To resolve this, there is a need for the AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall. But, the reinstallation of the AOL Desktop Gold cannot be done directly. There is a need to follow the right steps in order to complete the reinstallation of the AOL Desktop Gold. So, to know the right steps for the reinstallation, you need to follow this blog. In this blog, you will find the steps for the AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall in complete detail. So, there are no chances that you will face problems during or after the reinstallation of the AOL Desktop Gold. Now, it’s time to check out the right procedure. 

To reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold, first, you need to uninstall the previously installed version of the AOL Desktop Gold. If you reinstall directly, then there will be copied files which will cause AOL to stop working in your system. Therefore, first you will check the steps for the uninstallation, and then reinstallation.

Uninstallation of AOL Desktop Gold

For the uninstallation of the previously installed version of the AOL, you should close all the programs that are running. Now, go to the Programs option in the Control Panel, and select the option of “Uninstall a Program”. This will open the list of all the programs that are currently installed in your system. Search for the AOL Desktop Gold programs, and select all the files that are there for AOL. Then, click on the uninstall option, and choose the option of Yes in pop-up to keep all your personal data. With this, the uninstallation procedure will get started. Wait for it to get complete, and restart your system once it's done.

Reinstallation of AOL Desktop Gold

For the reinstallation of the AOL Desktop Gold, there is a need to go to the official website again for the AOL. Login into your account, and search for the latest version available for the download for AOL Desktop Gold. Click on its download link, and wait for it to get complete. After the download gets complete, you must open the file for the installation. Make sure you are using your system as the Administrator. Now, in the installation wizard, follow all the steps that are being shown on the screen. After finishing all the steps, the reinstallation will be completed. Now, open the AOL Desktop Gold program, and synchronize all the required into it. 

Reinstallation Complete!

Wrapping up! Some users don't uninstall the previously installed program properly first that used to create the problem. So, this blog has given the idea about the steps needed to be followed for the uninstallation and reinstallation. In case you face any issue with the AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall, you can talk to our experts for resolution. Therefore, with this guide, you are definitely to successfully reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold. So, get ready to have all the synchronized data at one place. 

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