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How to re-install the AOL Desktop Gold?

AOL desktop gold is a distinctive software program used for browsing, emailing, watching videos, playing games, and doing other online stuff. This All-in-One software application allows the users to perform multiple tasks and access various features under the same roof. The software comes with the latest premium security features to provide premium protection to customers against online threats. But, technical troubles anytime and compromise the User experience. If you are also having trouble using the AOL desktop gold services, then you can re-install the software and get rid of the issues. If you have no idea about how to 'reinstall my AOL gold', this post can help you. So let's move further and know about the simple steps for software installation.

AOL Desktop Gold Reinstallation: Guidelines to follow

To Reinstall the software, you need to first remove the previously installed AOL version from your computer. Here are the step by step instructions to uninstall the software:

Close all the programs running on your computer.

After this, click on the ' control panel' and go to the programs section.

Choose the ' programs and features' option. Click to uninstall a program.

Here, you can see the list of all installed programs appearing on your screen.

Once you have identified the software, you need to right-click on it and choose the option to uninstall.

Once you click on the option, you will see a pop up appearing on your screen saying that ' do you want to keep the personal data associated with the software', Tab on the s option.

Once the uninstallation process gets completed, you need to restart your computer.

Steps to reinstall AOL:

After successful removal of the previously downloaded version from your computer, you can proceed further and follow the mentioned steps to complete the task:

Visit the AOL official website.

Now, you need to click on the ' AOL desktop gold download link', and install the latest version available on your device.

Save the setup file you have downloaded to your system.

Click on the '.exe' file to run it as an administrator.

Tap on the 'Agree' option. And, click on the finish button when you are done with the process.

After this, you are supposed to enter the ' username and password' to login.

A prompt will appear on your screen and ask you if you would like to import any of your previous data. Click on the 'Accept' option to do so.

So, these are some simple steps that can help you with reinstall AOL gold on your device. Before you proceed with the installation process, it is important for you to check the software version you are running. Also, your device must support the latest software version available for AOL. There are so many fake links and websites available online that direct you to download AOL; this may cause you trouble and compromise your personal information because these sites are not authentic. Thus, always make sure that you install the software only from the official AOL website. Once you are done, you can enjoy using all the latest features supported by AOL and improve your browsing experience.

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