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What Are The Steps For AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall?

AOL Desktop Gold is a wonderful application providing everything in one place. Though, there are some instances, in which you may need to do the AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall. These instances can be like AOL Desktop not responding, or your system has become so slow to respond. Then, in that case, there is a need to complete the AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall process. There are many cases in which even after reinstallation, the problems don’t get resolved. The reason is the incorrect procedure is followed up for the reinstallation. So, if you are looking for the right steps for the AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall, then you are in the right place. This blog will guide you through the right procedure to reinstall your AOL Desktop Gold. So, move to the next section to know the right steps.

 Procedure for AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall

Generally, users directly reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold in their systems. But, they don’t know that first, it is very important to completely uninstall the AOL Desktop Gold from their systems. Once it is uninstalled and there is not a single file for the AOL Desktop Gold, then reinstallation can be done. So, first, let’s get started with the AOL Desktop Gold Uninstallation Process!

   Steps To Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold

Follow these steps to complete the AOL Desktop Gold uninstallation in your system:

1.    First, close all the programs that are currently running in your system.

2.    Then, open the Control Panel in your system.

3.    After that, select the option of Programs and Features.

4.    Then, click on the link to Uninstall a Program.

5.    From the list of the Programs, select AOL Desktop Gold.

6.    Right-click on it, and the menu will open.

7.    Then, select the option of Uninstall.

8.    The pop-up will appear asking for permission to keep the personal data saved with AOL.

9.    Click on the Yes button to save the personal data.

10.  After that, the uninstallation process will get started for the AOL Desktop Gold.

11.  Now, restart your system to complete the uninstallation and apply the changes in your system.

 As you have completed the process of the uninstallation of the AOL Desktop Gold. So, now it’s time to start with the reinstallation process.

    Steps For AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall

Follow the instructions given below to complete the reinstall of the AOL Desktop Gold in your system.

1.    Open the updated web browser in your system.

2.    Then, open the official website for AOL i.e.

3.    Log in with your AOL account and download the latest version for the AOL Desktop Gold.

4.    Make sure you are using your system as the admin.

5.    Once the download is completed, open the downloaded file from the saved location.

6.    This will open the setup file for the AOL Desktop Gold.

7.    Click on the Run button, and the installation wizard will open up for the AOL Desktop Gold.

8.    Then, agree with the Privacy Terms and Conditions for the AOL Desktop Gold.

9.    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reinstallation.

10.  Now, open the AOL Desktop Gold app from the desktop, and log in to your account.

11.  Synchronize your other data and email accounts with the AOL app.

So, this completes the reinstallation procedure for the AOL Desktop Gold in the right way. 

AOL Desktop Gold Reinstalled!

 Wrapping up! If you want to complete the AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall in the right way, then follow this guide. It contains the complete steps for the uninstallation and reinstallation process for AOL Desktop Gold. But, even if you face any problem with the reinstallation process, then dial a toll-free number. You will get instant resolution to your issue from our expert team. So, don’t panic if your AOL Desktop is not working. Just follow this simple guide, and reinstall AOL Desktop Again in your system.

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